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Goal congruence. Our team members spend their time and energy to discuss and develop our common goals, and in this process each team member is able to understand the team's goals.

Take responsibility for yourself. Create an environment where each team member feels responsible for the performance of the team in this environment, and is willing to share their responsibilities for the team's goals, objectives, and team behavior.

 Make concerted efforts. Team members should make joint commitment to achieve team goals, work hard for the common goal, and coordinate with each other in their work.

  Unified action. Team members must be equal to each other and share their work. In addition, the team needs to agree on how to develop the work schedule, how to develop work skills, how to resolve conflicts, and how to make or modify decisions, etc..

  Rapid response. The team should focus on the future, depending on the opportunity for the development of change, seize the opportunity.

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